Tithe Apportionment for the Parish of Eastrop

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Apportionment Confirmed 18th January 1839
Hampshire Record Office Reference 21/M65/F7/68/1-2
Number of Entries in Apportionment 46
Scale of Map 6 chains to the inch
Size of Map (approx) 25 inches x 37 inches
Total Tithe Rent Charge 85/-/-
Rent Charge Payable to:- The Reverend William Workman, Rector of the said Parish
Total Area of Parish 438 acres
Total Area of Arable Land subject to Tithes 252 acres
Total Area of Meadow or Pasture subject to Tithes 181 acres
Total Area of Woodland subject to Tithes None
Total Area of Glebe Land in Parish None
Valuer Charles Headeach

Posted November 2003

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