The object of the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 was to replace the payment of Tithes in kind with a monetary payment based on the prevailing price of corn (wheat, barley & oats). The Tithe Maps produced under this Act are very often the earliest reasonably accurate maps of a whole area. The accompanying Apportionments provide a detailed picture of the Owners and Occupiers of the Land within individual Parishes. There is also detailed information on Land Use, Field Names, Land Areas and Tithes paid. Although the Tithe Maps are very detailed, the information is not always totally accurate. However as a primary source for historians they are invaluble.

The North Hampshire Tithe Map Project has, as it's aim, to transcribe and digitise all the Tithe Apportionments and Tithe Maps for that area of North Hampshire covered by the present Borough of Basingstoke & Deane. Additionally all the data from the Tithe Apportionments is being compiled into a searchable database. This is a private research project being carried out by Gerry Dutton. As this is a new web site, any comments you would care to make would be appreciated.
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In the area of Basingstoke & Deane there are at present some forty nine Civil Parishes, but at the time the Tithe Maps were produced there were a total of sixty five Parishes.

To date, the Apportionments and Maps for some 30 of these Parishes, covering an area of approximately 67,000 acres, have been transcibed and copied. To view further details Click The Parishes on the main menu.

For those interested, Domestic Information Leaflet No 41 "Tithe Records:- A Detailed Examination" Published by the Public Record Office, gives a good general background to the Tithe Records.

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Posted November 2003