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This Names Index lists the names of all the persons appearing in the Tithe Apportionment Schedules as Owners or Occupiers of Property for those Parishes so far completed. It should be stressed that the fact that an individual is recorded as occupying a property does not neccessarily mean that the person was domicile in that property.

The Index gives the Surname and Christian names of the person (or persons), followed by the Parish(s) in which that name is listed.

Surnames in Bold Type with reference to Whitchurch are names of Copyhold Tenants who appear in the Award and who held land prior to 1840.

The fact that the same name appears in several Parishes may or may not mean that it is the same person. It may signify that the individual had land ownings in several Parishes or it may signify that there is more than one person with that name. For example Lord Bolton owned land and property in at least six different parishes. However "Smith David" is shown as owning land in three different Parishes. These are probably different people who happen to have the same name. On occasion there are one or more persons with the same name within a single Parish.

Care also needs to be taken over name spellings. For example William Francis Digweed, a tenant farmer in Steventon, is recorded in the neighbouring Parish of Ashe as Francis William Digby.

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Posted November 2003