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Surname & Christian NameParishes     
Cane John Basing
Cannons William Monk Sherborne
Carey John Nately Scures
Carey William Nately Scures
Carleton Rev Richard Nately Scures
Carter John Basingstoke
Carter William Monk Sherborne
Castleman William Basingstoke
Caston George Basingstoke
Catherine Jesse Basingstoke
Chamberlain Edmund Whitchurch
Chamberlain James Overton
Chamberlain Mary N Waltham
Chamberlain William Whitchurch
Chandler Wootton
Chandler Henry Pamber
Chandler Thomas Monk Sherborne
Chapel Daniel Pamber
Chapel James Pamber
Chappel James Whitchurch
Chaplin William Ewhurst
Chaplin William James Wootton
Chapman Henry Monk Sherborne
Chappell James Tadley
Chesterman John Monk Sherborne Pamber
Chivers George N Waltham
Chivers Joseph N Waltham
Church Eliza Steventon
Churchill Lady H Whitchurch
Chute William Lyde Wigget Basing Basingstoke
Claridge John Silchester
Claridge Thomas Silchester
Clark David Wootton
Clark John Cliddesden
Clark Rev Popham
Clarke Job Bradley
Clarke John Basingstoke Farleigh Wallop
Clarke Joseph Wootton Bradley
Clarke Samuel Basing Basingstoke Mapledurwell
Clarke William Bradley Mapledurwell
Clear Charles Dummer
Cleave Charles Dummer
Cleeve Charles Basingstoke
Clemence Daniel Dummer
Clements John Pamber
Cliff Henry Cliddesden
Clift Henry Pamber
Clift William Pamber Tadley
Cole J Basing
Cole John Basingstoke Mapledurwell
Coles Rev John Silchester
Coles Rev Peter Litchfield
Collins James Steventon
Collis Charles Tufton
Collis James Tufton
Congreve William Pamber Tadley
Cook Whitchurch
Cook Worting
Cook James Dummer Greywell
Cooper Ann Nately Scures
Cooper Charles Basingstoke
Cooper George Silchester
Cooper Henry Basing
Cooper John Basing Silchester
Cooper Lucy Oakley
Cooper William Nately Scures
Copperthought Richard Wootton
Cordery Joseph Basing
Cordery Josh Basing
Cordery Thomas Basing
Corps John Overton
Corrie John Overton
Coscon Joseph Pamber
Cotterill Abraham Pamber
Cotterill Richard Pamber Tadley
Cottrell Abraham Tadley
Cottrell Charles Tadley
Cottrell Henry Tadley
Cottrell Maria Tadley
Cottrell Richard Tadley
Cottrell William Pamber
Coulthard James Batten Monk Sherborne
Coventry James Basing
Covey Ann Basingstoke
Covey Edward Basingstoke
Cowdery James Monk Sherborne
Cowdrey James Wootton
Cox Jesse Cliddesden
Cox Ann Cliddesden
Coxon Joseph Monk Sherborne
Cozen George Wootton
Cozens John Overton
Crimble James Overton
Crimble John Tadley
Crimble Joseph Tadley Overton
Crimble William Oakley Wootton Overton
Cripps Isaac Tadley
Cripps James Tadley
Cripps Joseph Tadley
Cripps William Tadley
Crocker James Nately Scures
Crockford William Basingstoke Eastrop
Croft Elizabeth N Waltham
Crossley Jonathon Whitchurch
Cross John Tufton
Crouch James Oakley
Crutchfield Dinah Basing
Cuffold William Mapledurwell
Culham Charles Pamber Silchester
Culham Joseph Pamber
Cullum Charles Monk Sherborne
Cunningham David Thurlow Oakley Wootton Hannington
Curtis George Basing Basingstoke Monk Sherborne
Curtis Richard Basing Basingstoke Eastrop Monk Sherborne
Curtis William Basing Basingstoke Eastrop Monk Sherborne Pamber
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Posted November 2003