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Surname & Christian NameParishes
Fanshawe Christina Pamber
Fanshawe Penelope Pamber
Farmer Henry Oakley
Farmer William Wootton
Farr Tufton
Farr William Whitchurch
Fellows Henry Whitchurch
Field Charles Dummer
Field William Oakley
Fifield Richard Pamber
Flower William Tadley
Follet James Wootton
Follet William Pamber
Follett George Pamber
Follett John Monk Sherborne Pamber
Ford Charles Silchester
Ford David Silchester
Ford George Nately Scures
Ford Henry Silchester
Ford John Silchester Worting
Ford Robert Pamber
Ford Thomas Silchester
Forder Benjamin N Waltham
Forder William Basingstoke
Forster Joseph N Waltham
Foster Peter Pamber
Foster William Pamber
Fowler Lambert Monk Sherborne
Foyle Charles Henry Basingstoke
Frankham Moses Tadley
Franklin Monk Sherborne
Franklin Sarah Monk Sherborne
Fraser Rev William N Waltham
Freemantle William Litchfield
Frewen Richard Pamber
Frewin Mary Silchester
Friday Thomas Wootton
Fry William Pamber
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Posted November 2003