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Surname & Christian NameParishes     
Paice Charles Basing
Paice George Basing Basingstoke
Paice John Pamber
Paice William Basing
Pain John Popham
Pain Thomas Tufton Whitchurch
Pain William Freefolk Tufton Whitchurch
Paine Richard Tadley
Paine William Greywell
Palmer George Wootton Whitchurch
Palmer John Basing N Waltham
Palmer Thomas N Waltham
Par(r)is Charles Basing Greywell
Parker William Basing
Paterson Martha Pamber
Pearce Abraham Tadley
Pearce Jesse Tadley
Pearce John Dummer Pamber
Pearce John Tadley
Pearce Richard Tadley
Pearce Sarah Steventon
Pearce Thomas Pamber
Pearmain Mary Dummer
Pearmain William Worting
Pembroke College Basingstoke
Penfold David Tadley
Penford William Tadley
Penn William Basingstoke
Penny William Monk Sherborne Worting
Penton Win & Kemp
Penton Charles Basingstoke
Penton James Basingstoke
Penton John Basing
Penton Messrs Tunworth
Penton Thomas Basingstoke
Perry George N Waltham
Perry Thomas Dummer
Pettat Rev C R Ashe
Phillips Betty Wootton
Phillips James Mapledurwell
Phillips Phillip Bradley
Phillips Thomas Monk Sherborne
Phillips William N Waltham
Pile Robert Tufton Whitchurch
Pink Jesse Pamber
Pink William Greywell
Piper James Tunworth
Piper W Tunworth
Pistell William Monk Sherborne
Platt James Nately Scures
Platt John Basingstoke Nately Scures
Platt Thomas Basing Mapledurwell Nately Scures
Plumer James Freefolk
Pocock Charles Monk Sherborne Tadley
Pointer Whitchurch
Pointer John Dummer
Pole Abraham Pamber
Poore John Tufton
Pope Daniel Steventon Tadley
Pope John Silchester
Pope Thomas Pamber
Portal John Ashe Overton Whitchurch
Portal Melville Freefolk Laverstoke
Portal William Steventon Hannington Whitchurch
Portal William J Overton
Portal Wyndham Spencer Laverstoke
Porter John Tunworth
Porter Rev George Monk Sherborne
Portsmouth Edmund Basing Basingstoke Eastrop
Portsmouth Edward Basingstoke
Portsmouth James Basingstoke Eastrop
Portsmouth Earl of Basingstoke Cliddesden Farleigh Wallop Tufton Whitchurch
Pottinger James Silchester
Pottinger William Silchester
Poulter Samuel Greywell
Pouter Whitchurch
Poynder Thomas Wootton
Prankling John Basing
Prince John Mapledurwell
Prince Robert Nately Scures
Prince William Mapledurwell
Prior Henry N Waltham
Prior Peter Dummer
Prior Richard Dummer Tadley Worting
Prior Thomas Pamber Tadley
Pritchard William Basingstoke
Prouten John Wootton
Purvis Rev George Bartholomew Whitchurch
Purver John Tufton
Purvor William Eastrop
Pyle George Overton
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Posted November 2003